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Yezdi Adventure ownership Review accessories modification

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The Yezdi was a brand of motorcycle that was manufactured in India from the 1960s to the 1980s. The Yezdi Road King and Yezdi Classic 250 were the most popular models in the range. These bikes were known for their durability and ruggedness and were popular among riders who were looking for a reliable, long-lasting motorcycle. The Yezdi brand was owned by Ideal Jawa India Limited (IJI), the company that manufactured the bikes in Bangalore, India. The company, Ideal Jawa India Limited (IJI) stopped producing them in the late 80s. The brand itself and manufacturing rights are now owned by Classic Legends Private Limited, which relaunched the Jawa brand. Yezdi Adventure has been reintroduced along with other models Yezdi Roadster, Yezdi Scrambler. Here, we will talk about Yezdi Adventure ownership review and experience. You can check out the detailed information video below.


Yezdi Adventure ownership review

The new Yezdi motorcycle has 334cc engine derived and tuned from Perak, originally developed by Mahindra. The new Yezdi Adventure has six-speed gearbox, which delivers 29.8bhp at 8,000rpm and 29.9Nm of peak torque at 6,500rpm.

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The design scheme of Yezdi Adventure looks very similar to the Royal Enfield Himalayan. It is designed for long-distance riding and off-roading. It carries a round headlight, a windscreen, a tall-set front fender, split-style seats, a side-slung exhaust, and wire-spoke wheels. Yezdi Adventure includes three options – Slick Silver, Mambo Black, and Ranger Camo. Yezdi Adventure review Ownership experience has been shared in video.

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adventure-ownership review


There are very limited options in the offroading adventure category, you can pick from Hero Xpulse in 200 cc category or RE Himalayan in 400 cc category. The design of Yezdi Adventure is almost the same as that of RE Himalayan. Rear tyre size is of 90-90-21. Mono suspension has been provided at rear with dual-channel switchable ABS. Three riding modes Rain, road & offroad mode are offered for better riding experience. The riding posture is very comfortable as the handlebar raised up straight for better control in offroad conditions. Default charging support is provided with USB & C type ports. Meter console provides detailed information regarding the trip, average, time, speed, gear, fuel level, side stand & ride modes.

If we talk about various accessories and modifications available for Yezdi Adventure, you can install engine guard, saddle stay, jerry can mount, fog lights, and panniers.

Hope this Yezdi Adventure ownership review will help you to understand better. Don’t forget to share your questions and feedback in the comments below.


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Jawa Perak

Jawa Perak Ownership Review custom exhaust and accessories modification

Classic Legends is a motorcycle manufacturer that has been producing motorcycles under the brand name Jawa & Yezdi. The original Jawa company has a long history of producing classic motorcycle models that are highly regarded by collectors and enthusiasts. Some of the most famous classic Jawa old models include the Jawa 500 OHC, the Jawa 350, and the Jawa 250. Here we will share Jawa Perak ownership review after 7000 kms.

In recent years, the company has been relaunched and has introduced new versions of some of its most popular classic models, such as the Jawa classic, Jawa 42 and Jawa Perak. These new models are designed to evoke the look and feel of the original classic models, while incorporating modern technology and features.

When we talk about Jawa Perak, a bobber motorcycle is a type of custom motorcycle that is designed to have a stripped-down, minimalist appearance. Bobbers are usually created by removing excess bodywork and other non-essential components from a standard motorcycle, giving them a more streamlined look. The term “bobber” comes from the practice of “bobbing” the fenders, which involves cutting them down to a smaller size or removing them entirely to reduce weight and improve the bike’s aesthetics.

Bobber motorcycles are often characterized by their exposed engines, simple paint schemes, and lack of fairings or windscreens. They may also have other custom touches, such as custom handlebars, seats, and exhaust pipes.

Check out full detailed video of Jawa Perak ownership review here: JAWA PERAK REVIEW

Jawa PerakJawa Perak ownership review

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Jawa Perak comes with 334 cc of engine and 5-speed gears. Mono-shock suspension is provided at back with a low sitting riding stance. For braking dual channel ABS has been installed. Jawa Perak has short handlebar for better comfort in long rides.

Twin exhausts are preinstalled from stock, but to enhance sound experience from stock, custom-made exhausts have been installed in this Perak, Also, bike is wrapped in a coffee color scheme to give it a standalone presence. Aux lights have been added in front and all indicator bulbs turned into LEDs with hazard functions.

This Perak has completed around 7000 kms in most terrains as per user information. The suspension is stiff and suitable for plain road conditions. Ground clearance is quite low which makes it less suitable for uneven roads. Only side stand in available in Jawa Perak which makes it hard to access in case of tyre punctures. One needs to purchase a paddock stand that can be used at rear. Perak engine becomes hot if ridden at lower speed but liquid cooling handles it effectively. Torque of Jawa Perak is punchy and powerful in most of the conditions but lacks at speed above 100. It gives mileage of 30 kmpl in most of riding conditions which is quite reliable considering its engine nature.

Jawa 42 Bobber Ownership review experience, Improved version of Perak

Hope you find this Jawa Perak ownership review useful after watching video. Don’t forget to comment below your feedback or questions.

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Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa 42 Bobber Ownership review experience, Improved version of Perak

After a lot of improvement and feedback received from customers of Perak, Jawa Motorcycles Classic Legends has introduced the next Bobber motorcycle Jawa 42 Bobber. In case, you are new to the term ‘Bobber’, it stands for single-seater motorcycle. When Jawa Perak was brought to the market, a new segment of budget bobber motorcycles was introduced to the young generation, while most of the bikes in this segment are premium with high price tags.

Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa 42 Bobber comes with a 6-speed gear 334cc engine derived from existing Jawa motorcycles. Its liquid-cooled engine is tuned to produce 30.2 bhp power and 32.74 Nm torque. Jawa 42 Bobber comes with minimalist bodywork along with low seating position.

42 Bobber motorcycle comes with full LED setup including front headlight, indicator and rear backlight. It also got a completely digital instrument cluster showing speed, gears, RPM, kms, trip info, clock, engine temperature, ABS, turn indicators and fuel meter.

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42 Bobber comes with Dual channel ABS for braking sourced from Continental. The suspension setup includes mono-shock suspension at the rear and telescopic front shocks.

Wide handlebar has been installed to give maximum comfort on long rides but it could be a little tricky while in crowded traffic conditions. The seat has been designed for proper comfort and chances of getting in touch with rear tyre guard has been completely minimized as this was a major issue in Perak. The exhaust design has been changed and now a steel ring design has been added. The Backlight has now been added to rear of tyre guard instead of the under the seat as compared to Perak. Tank pads are also added to give more aesthetic appeal. The charging port with type C and normal port also come preinstalled in 42 Bobber. Hazard lights feature is also added in stock bike which removes any need of going aftermarket installations.

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Jawa 42 Bobber

Jawa 42 Bobber

42 Bobber comes in 3 color variants ie Mystic Copper, Moonstone White & Jasper Red (Dual tone). Ex-showroom price starts from 2.10 lac depending on statewise location. Feel free to contact us on Instagram ( ) for the best price in Delhi NCR region.


For more detailed ownership review, you can watch below video and comment down your questions.


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Jawa 42

Common Jawa problems and solutions in Yezdi Classic Legends motorcycle (updated)

If you already own a Jawa Yezdi bike or planning to buy one then this article is a must-read for you. Today we are explaining common Jawa problems and solutions. Jawa is the Czech motorcycle brand since 1929 which is now relaunched by Classic Legends Pvt Ltd owned by Mahindra Group. Jawa has introduced and launched 3 models in India. The first one is Jawa Standard or you can call the classic version, another one is modern retro model Jawa 42 and the third one is single-seater bobber, Perak, 42 Bobber. In Yezdi segment you can have 3 models, the first one Yezdi Roadster, secondly Yezdi Scrambler and third one Yezdi Adventure. Both Jawa and Yezdi bikes shares same engine and used after tuning engine as per the model. After ownership of Jawa 42 for 1 year here I am sharing a few issues customers are facing. So after a lot of introduction let’s move on to the main content explaining some common problems in Jawa Yezdi motorcycles when you own them for the first time.


Common Jawa Yezdi problems and solutions

 1. Lambda sensor issue problem: One of the common Jawa Yezdi problems happening in bikes is the lambda sensor or oxygen sensor issue due to which yellow engine malfunction light starts appearing indicating the issue. Lambda sensor or oxygen sensor as the name suggests controls the amount of oxygen intake in the internal combustion engine. Failure of a lambda sensor can lead to catalytic converter damage and expensive repairs with long time usage in the same condition. The only solution to this issue is to get your sensor replaced by your dealership free of cost under warranty as soon as possible as it can be hazardous to your engine in the long run.

jawa problems

jawa lambda sensor

2. Battery issue problem: The next Jawa Yezdi problem happening in bikes is battery malfunction. Few of the batches of Jawa motorcycles have battery issues due to which bike either fails to start after a certain period of time or fails during ride time which is really painful if you are out of quick reach of your home or dealership. Jawa bike completely fails to start under this condition. For this problem, you need to replace your battery under warranty by the dealership.

jawa problems

jawa battery issue

3. Oil leakage issue problem: Another issue customers are facing after purchasing Jawa Yezdi bikes is the oil leakage problem from the engine head. You can see some dark-colored oil leakage from the engine head gasket. This issue occurs when the head sealing substance in the head gasket gets melted due to high temperature. In this condition engine oil could be leaked in a small amount and could lead damage to the engine if the issue persists for a long time. For the resolution of this issue you need to replace the head gasket and get it sealed again by your dealership.

jawa problems

jawa oil leakage issue

4. Ground clearance issue problem: Another major issue customers are facing in their Jawa Yezdi bike is low ground clearance. When new models of Jawa were launched, they were equipped without the main stand and the only side stand provided with early models. But after the addition of the main stand earlier ground clearance of 165 mm has been reduced in bikes. This can be a big issue on India roads where you ride on uneven roads or having potholes. Jawa bike’s main stand can also touch on speed-breakers that are built in an unprofessional manner. To resolve this you either have to slow down your speed on uneven roads and speed-breakers or if you wish, can either remove the main stand for better ground clearance.


Jawa 42

Jawa 42

5. Heating issue problem:  Jawa Yezdi bikes are equipped with liquid cooling radiators but when you ride in slow speeds or if the engine is in its initial phase of tuning under 1000 to 5000kms. Bike’s engine heats a lot and the radiator starts its work when the temperature reaches around 98 F. Due to airflow of heated air near thighs you can experience a lot of heat in the initial phase. This issue mostly gets resolved when the bike is serviced after 1000kms.

jawa problems

Jawa heating issue

6. Rusting issue problem:  Few customers have experienced rusting in various parts like rims, screws and exhausts. If the bike is continuously run with the contact of water and not cleaned properly can lead to rusting. As you aware Jawa bike contains a lot of metal parts and chrome and if it is not maintained properly can easily attract rust. You must clean your bike periodically to avoid this situation or you can also use WD 40 solution to clean metal parts.

jawa problems

jawa rusting issue

7. Seat comfort issue problem: The stock seat of Jawa Yezdi has been designed in such a way that one can easily start feeling uncomfortable after a 50km ride. The stock seat provides very little comfort in long rides. This situation becomes really painful if you are on a long ride or road trip. The stock seat also doesn’t allow two persons to sit comfortably. To resolve this problem you can either replace your stock seat with a custom seat with a completely different riding stance or get it modified with a soft cushion or cover.

jawa seat comfort issue

jawa seat comfort issue

8. Vibration issue problem: When you ride Jawa Yezdi motorcycle at a speed above 90-100 kmph, the rider starts feeling few vibrations on footpegs and handlebar. Mirrors also start vibrating and you can’t see anything behind. This situation is quite natural for a 300cc bike. There is no proper solution to this issue but you can ride at a comfortable cruising speed of 70-80 kmph to avoid unbearable vibrations.


9. Fuel Sensor issue problem:  Another Jawa Yezdi problem customers are facing in Jawa bikes is incorrect fuel readings or fuel sensor issue due to which customer is unable to identify the exact fuel remaining in the bike. The low fuel indicator starts glowing randomly even if there is enough fuel in the bike. The only solution to understand the proper fuel level in your bike is to start your bike when its on the main stand or in upright position.

jawa fuel meter issue

jawa fuel meter issue

10. Low mileage issue problem: The Jawa Yezdi bikes are also getting complaints of low fuel average. The company has claimed an average of 37.5 kmpl but in reality, customers are getting a very low average. The engine of Jawa has been tuned in such a way that when you are riding in city traffic in first gear and turns it into two, but due to high traffic you suddenly deaccelerates and you had to again change gear to first. This pattern leads to keep changing gears from first and two and it feels really hard to your wrist. If you don’t keep your speed according to your gear, it directly impacts fuel efficiency. The only solution to get a good average is to ride bike according to the perfect combination of gear and speed.

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11. Meter fogging issue problem: One of the unique problems faced by Jawa customers is fogging in console meter. After riding in the rain or a wash at the service center, one can experience fogging in the main console. You can find water vapour or moisture after a few hours when bike gets in contact with water. The company couldn’t find any exact solution for the same and currently replacing meters with the same issue under warranty.

12. Starter Magnet coil issue (Update 2023): After a certain period of time of either one or two years, starter magnet coil which creates current to charge battery become malfunctions or gets burnt automatically. This can be a huge problem and bike refuses to start, you will only have starting sound after pressing the ignition button. You will also notice low battery indication in meter after few attempts and may think that this issue is from battery but issue lies within starter magnet coil. If you are lucky enough bike may start if this issue is in its initial stage. But for a permanent solution just get it replaced asap.

jawa problems

jawa fuel meter issue

Hope your most of common Jawa Yezdi problems have been addressed here with solutions, make sure your bike is in extended warranty if stock warranty has expired and also take Roadside assistance for quick response. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding same, you can comment below.

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jawa perak

JAWA Perak The budget Bobber launched, Booking & Delivery

jawa perak

jawa perak

Finally, Classic Legends has unveiled much-awaited Bobber style bike Jawa Perak. It was first showcased last year while launching the other two bikes, Classic and modern retro Forty Two. After much success of its two retro and modern bikes, Perak came into the Indian market after a year of waiting. It brings its name from the original model of Perak that was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1946 during World War II. Perak has been launched at a price of Rs 1.94 lakh, a little bit higher as it was announced earlier at Rs 1.89 lakh.

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JAWA PerakJAWA PerakJAWA PerakJAWA PerakJAWA Perak

Jawa Perak Specs

If we talk about Perak engine specs, it has BS 6, DOHC 334cc liquid-cooled engine. It produces 30 bhp and 31 Nm of torque. The engine is derived from its old siblings having 293cc but has been completely remapped to generate enough power to Perak. Jawa Perak has a ground clearance of 145 with CEAT tyres.

Perak has a wheelbase of 1485 mm. Seat Height750 mm. The rear suspension is mono-shock absorber, 7 Step Adjustable. It has a wheel size of 18 inches and 6-speed gears. It also has twin exhaust as seen in earlier classic and 42. Braking is handled by Dual-channel ABS as standard.

Jawa perak

Jawa perak

Perak Images

Here are a few images of Perak from the media launch.

Jawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa PerakJawa Perak

Perak weight

Kerb Weight is 179 kg

Perak top speed 

It has a top speed of 160 kmph.

Perak mileage

We can expect mileage of around 30-35 from Perak.

Perak booking

Bookings will commence from Jan 2020

Perak price 

Perak is priced at Rs 1.94 lakh.

Perak Delivery

Delivery of Perak will commence from April 2020.

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