India’s cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251 available only for Rs 251.

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freedom 251

India’s cheapest smartphone, Freedom 251 available only for Rs 251. [CPS] Many Geos

freedom 251

Buying a smartphone at a shocking low price could be a dream when most of feature rich phones are available from as low as Rs 2000.

But Indian company Ringing Bells made this reality by launching smartphone at a mind boggling price tag Rs 251,

Specifications and features looks cool on paper. With a 4inch qHD display, 3.2 MP rear and .3 MP front camera, 1GB RAM, 1.3 Quadcore processor and 1450 mah battery, Freedom 251 sounds smarter and feature rich.

Freedom 251 seems to be repackaged and re-branded ADCOM Ikon 4 from Delhi based importer, available on most of online portals which actually costs around Rs 3699. Providing a Rs 3699 phone at a cost of Rs 251 seems impossible but could make a mark in Indian smartphone history if it reaches customers at this ground breaking price.

As considering Ringing Bells’s statement regarding price factor, delivery seems tough but could be viable may be due to Apps developers and providers tie-up with company and long term marketing strategy.

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Here is a breakup of internal component price as available in ADCOM 251 easily available at Flipkart

Name of component Price (in Rs)
Protective film 17
Button 14
Charger with cable 21
Earphone 14
GSM antenna 21
WiFi and bluetooth antenna FPC 38
Silicon case of sensor light 3
GPS antenna 21
Housing 254
Assorted stickers, paste, net with poly bag, foam, fibre, sponge 2
Receiver 14
Antenna PCB + antenna 21
Speaker 6
Sub PCB with main FPC and dome 36
Screws and seal 0
Mike 4
PCB 1,513
LCD with touch panel 378
Camera (front) 14
Camera (back) with lens 21
Vibrator 14
Battery 120
TOTAL 2546

In India, when reach of smartphone is lower in remote areas, Freedom 251 can create waves. Bringing such price-tag is highly appreciable where people look forward for feature rich and pocket friendly products.

Though at time of publishing, company site got crashed due to unpredictable rate of visitors at 2 lac per second. Smartphone will be delivered after 4 months by adding Rs 40 for delivery charges.

Share your views in comments, how you would be looking forward for this pocket friendly phone.

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