SOCIAL TRADE BIZ Terms and conditions, must know before you join

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SOCIAL TRADE BIZ Terms and conditions, must know before you join

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99.9% people joining Social Trade Biz (ABLAZE INFO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD) will never ever read terms and conditions carefully. It’s a human mindset, whenever you are eager to do something in utmost excitement, you skip very crucial necessary steps. Clicking ACCEPT/I AGREE button means USER has given his acceptance. Let’s review and understand SOCIAL TRADE BIZ Terms conditions, user agreement containing all terms and conditions.

  1. Social Trade biz (ABLAZE INFO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD) is engaged in the business of Information and Technology and business model related to virtual information exchange through social media.
  2. Users are involved in the business as per online registration form.
  3. The User is interested in this business of digital marketing and e-commerce.
  4. Relying upon representations and agreement means the user is entitled to rendering business.


A user panel called ‘Dashboard’ will be provided to user who pays for availing click based service. Social trade can promote any content whether its organic or inorganic means natural user generated content or auto-generated content over the internet.

  • Here, social trade biz is explaining that they are not taking money for providing home-based work of providing links but in reality, they are looting money from customers and taking the huge amount in the name of membership.
  • SOCIAL TRADE shall provide part time Optional work to the customer with the purchase of any of the available Digital Marketing Services on the website, it means it can provide any random online work to customers.
  • It may include  (Social Media Promotion, In-Organic Visits on Website & Blogs, Affiliate Advertisement and other online work)
  • Social Trade owns full right if they want to discontinue part-time work anytime if skipped by the customer.

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  • The price of subscription/commercial terms can vary with time, without prior notice. The users are advised to check the same on the website from time to time, means price value can be changed anytime without any notice to user and need to check on website periodically.
  • SOCIAL TRADE shall pay to the User on per Click basis for any services rendered by the customer for the Optional Work rendered. The price of per click is subjected to the decision of the company which shall be notified to the service provider from time to time. The price may increase or decrease pertaining to the competition in the market.
  • User need to get his issues resolved in only 7 days if there are any discrepancy in the invoice provided to them.
  • Payment can be hold down by company anytime if it is under investigation team means there will be no guarantee for payment.
  • No cash payments involved under this business, user needs to submit by online means.



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  • The User shall not use the Ablaze/Social Trade products or services illegally and/or prohibited activity for conducting any illegal activity under applicable laws. The User shall not use the services for spam, unsolicited Facebook pages/posts or websites; unsolicited digital marketing; to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others; publish or distribute any inappropriate, profane, defamatory information; restrict or inhibit others from using the services of Ablaze ; illegal call recordings; or, in any way violate applicable Indian laws.
  • The User shall not create a false identity for the purpose of utilizing the Ablaze/Social Trade services and products for misleading others.
  • The User is responsible for maintaining the security and privacy of its account, at its’ end, if its used by any other means will be treated for service termination.
  • The User shall not reverse engineer, de-compile, decode, decrypt, disassemble, or in any way derive source code from Ablaze Info Solution’s Intellectual Property.
  • The User shall submit identification documents as proof of their personal as well as business identity, as regulated by the Govt. of India.




  • Any point purchased from Social Trade shall be effective from the date of payment and shall remain valid for the period of 1 year from the date of purchase of those ePoints bought for the first time unless terminated in case breach of terms and conditions of this documents.
  • Termination for Default – the Company may, without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of these terms and conditions, by written notice of default sent to the User, terminate his Social Trade Plan in whole.
  • In the event of Company terminating the plan in whole pursuant to the conditions of this document.

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If you are going to register or join SOCIAL TRADE, than keep major points in your mind that company restricts you to your consumer rights. Your money is refundable under very limited conditions, you have limited time to get your boosters, in any case you can’t blame company for the loss and wholly responsible for the same.

In the hidden process of social link exchange program where user clicks on random fake links. To gimmick user interaction, they are offered part-time work for the money paid to them. But in the real world nobody offers such value for clicking a single LIKE button over a random page. Reality of social media is far from the facts. Only money is rotated through Multi level chain marketting where money rotates from bottom to top. It has happened earlier also with lot of schemes like Speak Asia and many others. Most of people are attracted towards easy money generation without any effort. Process changes but mechanism remains same, just make members under you and start earning. If you have earned money with your hardcore efforts, never ever invest or register under these types of schemes to earn fast money. SOCIAL TRADE will see the sunset soon, till it reaches it peak.

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