How to spot Santa gift, win 1.7 GB free 3G/4G data on Vodafone

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How to spot Santa gift, win 1.7 GB free 3G/4G data on Vodafone [CPS] Many Geos

Vodafone gifting free  3G/4G data up to 1.7 GB under spot Santa’s gift offer to its both prepaid and postpaid customers. You just need to install or update your Vodafone app to enjoy this offer. Find Sant’s gift at different locations in the app. You need to search for them at different menu and options. If you find gift icon on the menu, just tap it.

Spot 1 Gift and Get 100MB Free
Spot 4 Gift and Get 500MB Free
Spot 8 Gift and Get 1.7GB Free


  1. Data will be credited to your number within 72 hours.
  2. You must be a Vodafone user.
  3. Search all screens of the app for gift boxes. Tapping on a box will reveal your gift.
  4. The more gift you find the more data you win.


Croma [CPS] IN

Gift 1 – Open the Amazing Offers for You on the main page. You can spot the first gift on the bottom right corner of the page.
Gift 2 – Open the Shop and then go to Internet. You can spot the gift on this page.
Gift 3 – Open your Active Data packs and balance page and you can find the gift on the bottom of the page.
Gift 4 – Open Vodafone Flex and scroll down to touch the See Flex FAQ. You can find the next gift here.
Gift 6 – Open Vodafone 4G Option.
Gift 7 – Internet Speed Test Option.
Gift 8 MNP New Connection.
Gift 9 – Go to Balance Transfer & Enter Any other Vodafone number and go to last step.


Enjoy 1.7 GB data, that will be credited to your account within 72 hours.


Comment below, if you are not able to spot Santa’s gift and redeem free data.


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