How to share Internet from smartphone or laptop via Hotspot

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How to share Internet from smartphone or laptop via Hotspot

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How often you got stucked in situations without Internet connectivity either on your smartphone or your laptop? Here we are going to explain how you can share Internet over both devices by creating hotspots.

  • Sharing internet from smartphone to your laptop or desktop.

Most of android phones provides option of sharing data by  enabling option ‘Tethering & mobile hotspot’ available in Settings.

Just enable option of ‘Mobile WiFi hotspot’ and headover to ‘Setup WiFi hotspot’. Provide a Network Name &  password with security WPA2 PSK and choose Save.

Now enable wifi on your laptop, check for available networks by clicking over network icon available right bottom of screen. Your smartphone wifi network will be visible, just click over it and provide your password to connect. You are now ready to access internet on your laptop.

hotspot hotspot settings

Another option you can use via data-cable is by choosing ‘Tethering’. Just plug n play data-cable and enable ‘Tethering’. It directly provides access to internet without need of Wifi which is quite a battery saving option.

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In Android 5.1 you also get option to share your phone data via ‘Bluetooth sharing’. This feature share data over Bluetooth connectivity which is quite slower but may be handy in case of non availability of Wifi enabled systems.

Make sure you have unlimited data plans on your network, either you may be charged heavily as data is consumed at a higher rate and volume.


  • Share internet from your laptop to smartphone.

Now we are explaining how you can use internet of your laptop on a smartphone vice versa as explained above. Though, you can use freely available apps like m-hotspot, My Wifi router to create hotspots in a moment.

Creating a manual hotspot consists of few steps as explained here.

Just move over ‘Network icon’ bottom right of screen and click ‘Open Network & Sharing Center’. Now open ‘Manage Wireless Network’ and click on Add ‘Create an adhoc network’ and provide Network, security and password details. Finally Save your network and access it on your smartphone.

wifi adhoc



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