How to setup ‘Smart Lock’ face recognition in Android smartphone.

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How to setup ‘Smart Lock’ face recognition in Android smartphone.

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Whenever we talk about security over Android smartphones, most of users either set a ‘Pattern lock’, ‘PIN lock’ or ‘Password lock’, which is nowadays replaced by ‘Fingerprint sensor’. But, still most of budget phones doesn’t include this feature and  make it as standard. Android users with 5.1 Lollipop OS can enjoy another  unique ‘Smart Lock’ feature. Here, we are explaining steps involved in configuring Smart lock- Trusted face over your Android phone.

1. Just head over to Settings of your phone and choose ‘Security’ option.


2. In ‘Security’ you will find option ‘Smart Lock’.


3. In Smart lock, you will find lot of options like ‘On-body detection’, Trusted places’, Trusted devices, ‘Trusted voice & Trusted Voice’.


4. Choose ‘Trusted Face’ which can be configured to unlock when your face is recognized.

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5. Hold phone at eye level and complete recognition in different environments and lighting conditions.


6. Just show your face and complete face recognition, when dots gets filled completely.


7. Now, you can easily unlock your phone with your face instead of typing on keypad. Well, this option is not 100% secure and can be cracked is having a recent matching photograph. You can make it more secure by choosing option to blink eyes whenever you unlock your phone.



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