How to make your slow computer super fast in 5 minutes

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How to make your slow computer super fast in 5 minutes

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If your computer crawling while booting up OS or showing ‘Not responding’ errors while browsing or using multiple apps. If you are here, the possibility is that you are looking solution of ‘How to get rid of slow responding computer’ or if you want to make your slow computer super fast in 5 minutes. Your computer takes ages in booting up and showing your desktop screen than its sign to take some important steps. If you were working with multiple apps and browsing the internet at same time, suddenly you keep on facing blank screens or ‘Not responding’ errors. This is a right time to tune up and make your slow computer super fast by following steps.

Get rid of temporary files, time to delete them now.

1.Just clear your windows temporary files, these are files created when you install or use programs for a long time, OS also created a lot of temporary files for efficient working. You need to clear them just by pressing ‘Windows key + R key’ on the keypad. Type ‘temp’ in Run and hit enter. Select all files and permanently delete them. Few files might not be deleted due to programs in use. Try to close all programs while performing this task.


2. Next step is to clear temporary files of your profile. Your login profile linked with your account also contains a lot of temporary files. Clear them too, just by pressing ‘Win key + R key’ then enter %temp%. Hit enter and clear all files.


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3. You can also improve Windows OS performance by removing prefetch files, just type ‘prefetch’ in ‘Run’ command box. Clear all files.


It’s been so long, that you haven’t checked Recycle bin. Remove files permanently from ‘Recycle bin’ by hitting ‘Empty Recycle bin’

temp files

Clear temp files


Say Good Bye to old apps and startup items

  1. You also might be having a lot of unwanted and unused programs lying from a long time in the control panel. Just uninstall those programs.
  2. Next step is to check your startup services and programs, you can do same by typing ‘msconfig’ and check your startup items. Choose them carefully, hope you don’t disable any critical service like antivirus or graphic driver service.

Tune startup services


Improve Data readability

  1. Defragmentation is another major feature offered by Windows OS, you can speed up files readability performance by running this periodically. You can find same in accessories or you can search it windows search box.
  2. Run disk clean up, accessories, disk clean up.

Perform regular defragmentation


Time to gift your PC

  1. Though these are secondary options but if you need some drastic change in terms of real speed, you can consider the change in physical configuration. You can install solid-state drive, which has a higher edge over normal hard disks.
  2. You can also upgrade your RAM modules, this is directly proportional to speed and amazingly improve performance both in startup and processing.

increase RAM for boosted performance

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