How to fix Macbook Pro or Air showing Question mark in folder

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How to fix Macbook Pro or Air showing Question mark in folder

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What will you do if you just see ‘flashing question mark’ appears when you just switched on your Macbook. This could be the worst moment to every Macbook owner. Here, we are explaining how to fix  Macbook Pro or Air showing ‘Question mark in folder’. If this flashing continuously on screen, it means your Macbook couldn’t find system software or you call it an operating system.

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Follow below steps to fix Macbook:

  1. From Apple menu, select System preferences and select Startup Disk.
  2.  You can see, there will be a Macintosh HD disk, just select it and close System Preferences window.
  3. Now restart, your Macbook will start normally with showing any question mark.

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Still, doesn’t  start normally, follow these steps to fix Macbook.

    1. Switch on your Macbook, instantly keep pressing Command key + R key.
    2. This will make you enter into MacOS Recovery environment.
    3. Release both keys when you see ‘Apple logo or Globe’
    4. Later it will ask for network connectivity, choose from available Wifi networks.
    5. Let it verify and download required OS files from Apple source.
    6. It might take some time depending on your internet speed, let it complete.
    7. After completion, just restart and reconfigure your Macbook. Kindly note, this will wipe our your all data and you will be presented with a fresh OS.
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What happens, if you don’t see startup disk

Your startup disk might needs directory repair if you don’t see startup disk. Kindly follow below steps.

  1. From the macOS Utilities window, Open Disk Utility .
  2. Select your startup disk from Disk Utility Window.
  3. Select First Aid tab and click Repair disk option.
  4. This will verify and repair any issues with your startup disk, same option CHKDSK as you run in Microsoft Windows.
  5. Quit Disk Utility after your disk repair is completed.

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Your Macbook will now work fine or if its a hardware issue then you need to connect with Apple Customer Care or Service Provider.

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