How to factory reset or erase everything from Apple iphone

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factory reset erase apple iphone

How to factory reset or erase everything from Apple iphone

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delete data from iphone

factory reset erase Apple iPhone

Learn how to factory reset erase Apple iPhone

If you are upgrading your iPhone or selling it for someone, you must need to delete everything from your iPhone. In today’s social media life photos, videos, documents and audio files are much more precious and personal than anything else. Here we are explaining how to factory reset erase Apple iPhone. Factory reset makes your phone brand new and resets it to the condition as received for the first time from Apple store after purchase. It wipes out all your data of iPhone including apps, photos, images, videos, documents, settings and all other files. So, let’s move ahead and follow below steps to format your iPhone.

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Steps to factory reset or erase everything from Apple iPhone

  1. Open ‘Settings’ from the main menu.
  2. Just choose ‘General’
  3. Select ‘Reset’
  4. Choose ‘Erase all content and Settings’
  5. Enter your passcode
  6. Select ‘Erase everything’

How to configure your iPhone after reset

  1. Your iPhone will reboot with Apple logo and progress bar.
  2. Wait for the progress and iPhone will reboot.
  3. You will be presented with ‘Welcome Screen’ in different languages.
  4. Choose your Language and Region.
  5. Select your default keyboard.
  6. Configure ‘Wifi’ connectivity.
  7. Configure location services.
  8. Create a Fingerprint or passcode security.
  9. Now choose whether you want to restore your data or configure with Apple ID.
  10. Enter your Apple ID and passcode.
  11. Accept terms and conditions
  12. Now, your iPhone is ready to use.


Watch below video to factory reset or erase Apple iPhone

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Reset Your iPhone using Find My iPhone

What if you lost your iPhone and want to make sure that nobody can access your data. Follow these steps to do same:

  1. Visit iCloud, Find my iPhone with your Apple ID.
  2. Choose your available device.
  3. Click ‘Erase iPhone’ in the confirmation box.
  4. Your iPhone will reset automatically if it’s offline, it will start as soon as iPhone receives connectivity.


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