Jawa Perak Ownership Review custom exhaust and accessories modification

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Jawa Perak

Jawa Perak Ownership Review custom exhaust and accessories modification

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Classic Legends is a motorcycle manufacturer that has been producing motorcycles under the brand name Jawa & Yezdi. The original Jawa company has a long history of producing classic motorcycle models that are highly regarded by collectors and enthusiasts. Some of the most famous classic Jawa old models include the Jawa 500 OHC, the Jawa 350, and the Jawa 250. Here we will share Jawa Perak ownership review after 7000 kms.

In recent years, the company has been relaunched and has introduced new versions of some of its most popular classic models, such as the Jawa classic, Jawa 42 and Jawa Perak. These new models are designed to evoke the look and feel of the original classic models, while incorporating modern technology and features.

When we talk about Jawa Perak, a bobber motorcycle is a type of custom motorcycle that is designed to have a stripped-down, minimalist appearance. Bobbers are usually created by removing excess bodywork and other non-essential components from a standard motorcycle, giving them a more streamlined look. The term “bobber” comes from the practice of “bobbing” the fenders, which involves cutting them down to a smaller size or removing them entirely to reduce weight and improve the bike’s aesthetics.

Bobber motorcycles are often characterized by their exposed engines, simple paint schemes, and lack of fairings or windscreens. They may also have other custom touches, such as custom handlebars, seats, and exhaust pipes.

Check out full detailed video of Jawa Perak ownership review here: JAWA PERAK REVIEW

Jawa PerakJawa Perak ownership review

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Jawa Perak comes with 334 cc of engine and 5-speed gears. Mono-shock suspension is provided at back with a low sitting riding stance. For braking dual channel ABS has been installed. Jawa Perak has short handlebar for better comfort in long rides.

Twin exhausts are preinstalled from stock, but to enhance sound experience from stock, custom-made exhausts have been installed in this Perak, Also, bike is wrapped in a coffee color scheme to give it a standalone presence. Aux lights have been added in front and all indicator bulbs turned into LEDs with hazard functions.

This Perak has completed around 7000 kms in most terrains as per user information. The suspension is stiff and suitable for plain road conditions. Ground clearance is quite low which makes it less suitable for uneven roads. Only side stand in available in Jawa Perak which makes it hard to access in case of tyre punctures. One needs to purchase a paddock stand that can be used at rear. Perak engine becomes hot if ridden at lower speed but liquid cooling handles it effectively. Torque of Jawa Perak is punchy and powerful in most of the conditions but lacks at speed above 100. It gives mileage of 30 kmpl in most of riding conditions which is quite reliable considering its engine nature.

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Hope you find this Jawa Perak ownership review useful after watching video. Don’t forget to comment below your feedback or questions.

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