Unboxing and first impression, Jio phone review

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unboxing jiophone review hindi

Unboxing and first impression, Jio phone review

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After a long wait of months, finally, Jio started deliveries of Jio phone to common users. So here we bring you much-awaited unboxing first impression jio phone review. Most of the basic phones cost around Rs 2000 offering just basic functions like calling, FM, music playback. There is huge market and demand for basic phones in India as still most of the population can’t afford a smartphone with decent specs.

Without wasting much time Jio sensed the demand of a basic phone with features of a smartphone like live TV, movies, music and video calling. Jio after launching their free and later affordable 4G services created a storm in data services between network operators.

unboxing first impression jio phone review

jio phone

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Unboxing first impression jio phone review

So here we have Jio phone out of the box and real hands-on over the phone. The jio branded package contains red theme explaining various Jio services like Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Video chat, Jio Express and Jio Pay. Jio phone package explains inbox contents like 1 Handset, 1 charger, 1 manual, 1 battery, 1 sim. It also mentions about Jio Media cable which can be connected to any TV to enjoy content from the phone directly. But unfortunately, this cable doesn’t come with the package and needs to be purchased separately.

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After inserting Battery and SIM to Jio phone, we powered up the phone by pressing the red button on right side. Jio phone takes around a minute to present welcome screen. Then you are instructed to choose your default language and Wifi network if you wish. A recent firmware and software update is being notified which is recommended to enjoy the smooth performance. After downloading and installing both firmware and OS updates we are presented to enjoy Jio services.

Unboxing first impression jio phone review

Basic Jio apps like Jio TV, Express, Cinema, Music, Games, My Jio, Jio video chat are accessible. You can also download other apps from Jio Store like as you do on Android phones from Google Store, but right now only limited Jio apps are available to install.

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unboxing first impression jio phone review

jio phone

After using all apps and services on Jio phone for a day we came to following conclusions:

Unboxing first impression jio phone review


1.  As considering the price of Rs 1500, Jio phone is definitely value for money. With a starting recharge plan of Rs 153/mth, it offers unlimited calls, free roaming and 500 MB of data daily. This can also be carried as a secondary phone or to get rid of the habit of sticking with smartphones every time.

2. A great device for starters, kids and senior people in your home. As kids also started getting fond of smartphones, we can limit them just by providing required basic features and restricting them from unwanted social apps and games.

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3. The touch of buttons and keypad is quite smooth and big keys allow anyone to use them easily, especially senior people who are not comfortable with touch phones. Torchlight is also an advantage at night time.

4. Jio apps are clearly a big advantage to enjoy 4G data on a basic phone, you can enjoy unlimited music, videos, movies and live TV. Speaker is quite loud to enjoy music content. Watching videos can be quite awkward on such a small screen, but can be streamed to your TV via Jio Media cable.

5. Though onboard camera on Jio phone is basic, you can manage to have video calls with your dear ones. Video chat on a basic phone is really a great feature.

6. NFC (Near field communication) chip allows Jio phone to make payments just by tapping your phone to the receiver with the help of Jio Pay app. Digital payments are rising high. With NFC facility, this process has been much simplified.


1. Jio phones run on a very specially developed and a modified Operating system called Kai OS, it usually runs on very low specs and hardware. Phone sometimes hangs and lags in functioning like you can’t immediately minimise volume or go back to home screen.

2. Multitasking capabilities and availability of apps on Jio Store are quite low. But this is acceptable considering Jio phone specs and OS platform.

3. Connectivity issues over the unstable network can lead to unusual behaviour of apps like music stops automatically own it’s after a certain time.

4. A crackling type of sound was observed from speaker after stopping music playback. Maybe any software bug leading this issue. Finding few shortcuts is also hard in beginning

5. You might find battery performing well if you don’t use many data-centric apps, but 2000mah battery can stay you back if you are away from charging point.

6. You can ignore few issues, that might be updated as this is not a smartphone, considering its price.



As we all aware Jio phone offers a good mix of smartphone features and a basic phone at a very low price of Rs 1500. Considering its value for money advantage we can buy Jio phone as a secondary phone or gift it for kids or senior persons who are not comfortable with touch phones. You can enjoy free unlimited calls starting from Rs 153 and can also live stream content to your TV which is a big advantage in this price range phones.


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Jio phone features

Jio phone features, retail brochure leaks every detail

Pre-booking of Jio phone has been started and customers are ready to hands on ‘India ka smartphone’, Jio phone. A recent leak by famous tech site Digit has revealed Jio phone brochure which has revealed almost all Jio phone features. Retailer brochure of Jio phone share enough information of Jio phone features which were hidden at the time of Jio phone launch.

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Jio phone brochure designed in blue colour scheme reveals rest of the Jio phone features and specifications, which are as follows:

Camera and photography on Jio phone

Jio phone is packed with 2 MP rear camera and VGA camera in front. 2 MP camera might sound very low but as it is installed in a feature phone, it can be bearable for taking photographs to be shared on social networks. VGA camera allows to click selfie and enjoying video calls.

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High-speed Internet browsing and other Jio phone features

Customers can enjoy high-speed Internet surfing on Jio phone in various ways. Users can access web browser just by pressing ‘0’ key like as in old java based phones. Customers can also enjoy videos on Youtube. News, Music, Facebook, Matrimony, Astrology, Jobs and Weather forecast can be accessed by in-built browser.

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Unlimited access to Music, Videos and Movies on Jio phone

Users can access and enjoy 60000+ Music Videos, 6000+ Movies and 1 Lakh + of HD ad-free content on Jio phone. As we all aware Jio users can access loads of HD content and enjoy the audio experience on Jio network, the same environment has been created on Jio phone too and users can entertain themselves with music and video content.

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Multiple language support on Jio phone

Users can run Jio phone in 22 Indian languages. Complete phone menu can be customized in various Indian languages. This is really a big advantage in India as there are a lot of languages as per region. Most of the smartphones are based on limited languages. Every phone user is not comfortable with the English language used in most of the phones. Jio phone will be taken hand in hand with ease of language customization.

Navigation and GPS on Jio phone features

Maps and Navigation support will be provided on Jio phone which will provide assistance in reaching the destination. As Google map support is provided on most of the Android phones, the same type of service will be available on Jio phone to utilize in-built GPS. We need to wait to see if Jio phone is utilizing Google account services to provide same navigation experience on Maps.

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Internal memory and storage options on Jio phone

Jio phone will have an internal memory of 4 GB which can be upgraded easily to 128 GB with help of memory card. 4 GB can be termed sufficient but if anyone wants to download a lot of audio video file than up-gradation of memory is required, which can easily do by inserting a memory card.



Voice Assistant over Jio phone

One of the biggest advantages of Jio phone is the voice assistant which can run almost every function just by saying command through voice. As most of used ‘OK Google’ command on Android phones, the same type of experience will be provided to users on Jio phone. Saying ‘Call XYZ’ will call XYZ or saying ‘Play music’ will start music player. Voice assistant feature is a really great advantage to users of all age groups where is not able to found a certain function or an app.

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Enjoy HD content on bigger screen, best Jio phone features

Users can connect their Jio phone to any type of TV whether it’s CRT or LED. With the help of separate cable, users can connect the phone to TV and enjoy HD content on the bigger screen. Right now, limited smart phones allow connecting to LED or smart TV by either HDMI port or Wifi mirroring. This feature is one of biggest advantage in Jio phone which eliminates the need of separate DTH set top box to stream content to their TV. This facility by Jio will definitely cause harm to DTH industry.


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