How to connect Reliance Jio-Fi, 4G wifi device

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How to connect Reliance Jio-Fi, 4G wifi device

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The Jiofi device acts as a mobile hotspot which connects to Jio 4G network and connects up to 10 devices. One of the biggest advantage, Jio-fi device is portable and consists of rechargeable battery. One can easily slip into pocket and get superior connectivity anywhere roaming outside.

Making call is also possible by downloading Jio join app on your smartphone through app store.You can enjoy calls even if your phone doesn’t contain 4G network.

Jio device comes with sim which you can use after activation with ‘Welcome offer’ of Unlimited data till December 2016 and enjoy according to plans later.


Price & Plans
JioFi is priced at Rs. 1,999, dropped down from  earlier price of Rs. 2,899 and data is free to use until December 31.



Connecting Reliance JioFi with devices. 
Setting up a JioFi is really simple.

  1. First up, take the Reliance Jio SIM card you were given when you bought the device. Insert that into the hotspot’s SIM tray.
  2. Next, note down the SSID and password of the unit which is listed next to the SIM tray. Write that down.
  3. Insert the battery and close the back cover. Plug it into the charger and get some battery in there.
  4. Press the Power button on top of the JioFi, until the display lights on top light up.

If your sim is activated within early time frame than you have to do nothing else, just connect to the Wi-Fi network by searching for the SSID name you wrote down earlier, and log in with the password provided. You can change these, by going to the router’s admin panel – the details are given in the box, or, when you’re connected to the Jio network, go to  using your browser, and sign in with the username and password admin/ admin. Change those as well, and the SSID and the password for proper security. That’s it, your Reliance JioFi is now fully set up.



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