WanaKiwi, File decrypting tool for WannaCry ransomware

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wannacry ransomware

WanaKiwi, File decrypting tool for WannaCry ransomware

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If your PC recently affected with WannaCry attack and you have been left with no solution. You can try WanaKiwi, file decrypting tool for WannaCry ransomware to get your data back in an unlocked state.

Wanakiwi file decrypting tool wannacry ransomware

Benjamin Delpy tested loopholes in WannaCry worm and released a tool called ‘WanaKiwi’ that will generate keys to decrypt data on Windows XP, 7, 2003, 2008 and possibly Vista.

wannacry ransomware

wannacry ransomware

How WanaKiwi helps in data decryption

WanaKiwi searches memory of the infected system and extracts different variables on which secret key was based on and regenerates key by itself. Later it uses generated key to decrypt data affected by Wannacry.

Matt Suiche, French ethical hacker tested and confirmed that it works on Windows 7 and older Windows versions like XP, 2003 and more.

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Also read: How to remove Locky- Ransomeware virus demanding Bitcoins to get your data back.

wannacry ransomware

wannacry ransomware

How to decrypt your files using WanaKiwi

  • Download WanaKiwi from below given link.
  • Wanakiwi will automatically locate the file and start the process
  • The settings of the application have been set by default, so no changes need to be made and your data will be available unencrypted.

Download from here:  https://github.com/gentilkiwi/wanakiwi/releases

Recover your deleted data after encryption

You can also recover  data deleted by Wannacry after encrypting by using EaseUs recovery software available at http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/free-data-recovery-software.htm

Keep your OS updated and don’t forget to protect it with licensed antivirus.

Comment below if you still not able to decrypt data after Wannacry attack.

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How to remove Locky- Ransomeware virus demanding Bitcoins to get your data back.

Locky, as name suggest locks everything ranging from documents to pictures.  Malware pushing aggressively through massive spamming techniques. Once infected, it automatically encrypts all user data into random files ending with extension .locky.  It than asks you to either pay in Bitcoins or provide links to pay them back to retrieve back your data by sending you decryption key. As you might all aware of how ‘Encyrption & Decryption’ techniques works.



Locky spreading with different variant trojan names ranging from Trojan.cryptolocker.AF. As reported by most of antivirus platforms it is highly dangerous leaving all data infected and unusable. Spreading vastly through mailers or compromised sites.The prices of getting back your data, we’ve seen vary from BTC 0.5 to BTC 1.00 (BTC is short for “bitcoin,” where one bitcoin is currently worth about $400/£280).

Prevention & Protection

1. Backup regularly on external non networked drive.

2. Keep your antivirus & OS updated, patched.

3. Be cautious about suspicious mails and document files.

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