NOKIA vs Redmi smartphone, which you should buy?

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nokia vs redmi

NOKIA vs Redmi smartphone, which you should buy?

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nokia vs redmi

nokia vs redmi

If you are waiting since ages for NOKIA smartphones but still getting confused which you should buy? Looking value for money, design, after sale service, build quality, performance. You might have been stuck between NOKIA vs Redmi. It’s really really tough decision to make your mind clear. We are here to your rescue and discussing each and every aspect of both companies and their brand values.

Comeback of NOKIA

Everyone is amazed at the grand comeback of NOKIA. With the introduction of mid-range phones NOKIA 3, 5, 6 company has already revived its global presence. People in India are eagerly waiting for getting their hands-on. NOKIA now owned by HMD Global has considered every factor of its brand image to rebuild its lost position in the smartphone market. The company has a special corner in heart of Indians and deserves respect for brand value. NOKIA phones are known for their excellent build quality, decent specifications and clean software interface.

The NOKIA 3,5 and 6 was launched at February MWC 2017. NOKIA 3 and 5 are available for purchase in offline stores and NOKIA 6 is available through exclusive online sale through Amazon starting 15 July onwards.

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Redmi revolution

Now, let’s talk about another strong contender to NOKIA which has shaken smartphone market with its motto of ‘Value for money’ and superb design and specifications.  Yes, you thought it right, we are talking about none other than Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi or known as MI. In past few years, MI proved itself with groundbreaking prices of their feature loaded smartphones.

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With over 1 Million Units of Redmi 4 sold in India in 30 Days, one million units of Redmi Note 4 in just 45 days since its launch, meaning one sold every four seconds. Redmi 4 already making it the best-selling smartphone in India in terms of online sales. MI revealed it had sold “over 70 million” devices in 2015. Mi reached $1 billion in annual revenue in India for the first time.

Redmi Note 4 has conquered the budget smartphone category. However, after the arrival of NOKIA phones, NOKIA 6 give stiff competition to Redmi Note 4. But the price difference is a great factor between these two.

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NOKIA vs Redmi, factors to consider before you make your mind.

Price range
Brand name
Value for money
Offline/ Online market
After sales service and support
OS updates and security patches

Redmi Note 4 vs Moto G5 plus

Budget phones can also look premium NOKIA vs Redmi which is best in design

Redmi broke the myth that mid range phones can’t look premium. Design appeal in Redmi phones has been upgraded drastically with the use of metal body. The Redmi Note 4 comes with a full-metal body with polished antenna lines at the back alongside 2.5D glass at the front for better in-hand feel. The smartphone looks sleek and is built very well.

On the other hand, the Nokia 6 designed with a philosophy of nostalgia. NOKIA managed to make it premium with integrity from seamless precision-milled aluminium, Corning Gorilla Glass display.

Before the arrival of NOKIA phones, it was Redmi that changed the game of design. Most of mid-range phones felt like plastic toys for kids. But Redmi Note 4 managed to bring sleek and solid built to impress everyone.

Selecting between these two phones depends upon personal preference as both phones come with premium design and stable built quality. Redmi Note 4 brings design little inspired from Apple and NOKIA 6 feels classic with LUMIA- like looks.

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Nokia vs Redmi Specs sheet and hardware

Top variant of Redmi Note 4 comes with Snapdragon 625 processor, 4 GB RAM, 506 GPU, 64 GB internal storage and 41000 mah battery. On the other hand, NOKIA 6 comes with Snapdragon 430 processor, 3 GB RAM (4 GB in Black edition), 505 GPU, 32 GB internal storage and 3000 battery.

Specs of NOKIA 6 might look down on paper in front of Redmi Note 4 and could change your mind. But high specs never considered for high performance. Actual performance of a smartphone is borrowed from the balance between hardware and software.

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NOKIA vs Redmi stock or custom skinned Android experience

With optimised software and stock Android, NOKIA 6 performs flawlessly for the whole day even with low specs. It offers bloatware free, adware free stock experience of Android. NOKIA 6 handles everything smoothly in the field of software experience. You won’t need to struggle to find each and every settings and customisation. NOKIA also promises timely Android updates and security patches for users which are really a great advantage.

If we talk about Redmi Note 4, it is highly skinned and customised to offer various extra features which you would get from installing various apps. Redmi offers custom Dual apps, Second space, Inbuilt virus Security, Battery manager, cleaner, app permissions, call blacklist and lot more. If you want to customise each and every aspect of your phone you would at least need 10-20 apps from Google play store. You can’t ignore these precious features inbuilt into Redmi Note 4 but all these come at a cost of RAM utilisation. Most of the time you will get 2 GB free out of 4 GB RAM.

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Redmi Note 4 is still ahead of NOKIA 6 as it is a better option for gamers and who want to squeeze everything from their phone. But the majority of users prefer Bloat free, ad free, a smooth experience on their phone. Still, smartphones solve the basic purpose of calling, chatting, surfing, basic photography and later to the specific apps.

NOKIA 6 offers Android 7.0 out of the box while Redmi Note 4 comes preloaded with one-year-old Android 6.0 which is promised to be upgraded soon. Timely OS updates and security releases are a ‘must have’ requirement over latest smartphones.

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Offline brick mortar store vs Online flash sales

When we talk about sales model for Redmi phones, one and the only thing which all hate is their ‘flash sales’ model. You need to wait for the whole month or a week for 1 minute (say it as 1 second) sale. You are thinking to buy a phone for yourself or for someone else, you can’t buy it easily without a luck. Drop your idea if you are in last moment for buying Redmi phones. Though, Redmi slowly filling this gap by introducing their brick mortar stores. You can also pre-book few models with some extra charges. But it will really hurt if you are paying 1k 0r 2k for same phone available cheaply online.

Another win for the NOKIA with their sales model is they have opted both offline models for 3 & 5 and exclusive online for NOKIA 6. Nokia has tied up with 400 distributors and 80,000 stores across India to sell their phones. It means you can easily get your hands on over NOKIA phones comparative to Redmi series.

In India, most of the people prefer to purchase phone physically and still online availability is a great issue in remote areas. Buying from retail stores can give pleasant feeling if you are not fond of online shopping.

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Final Verdict : It’s all your choice Nokia vs Redmi.

Both the phones from NOKIA and Redmi are solid phones considering their build and design. Both have their pros and cons and aims to different customers. Redmi Note 4 is aimed for those who don’t want to compromise on specifications and value for money.

Moreover, if you have a high budget and want to go with brand and nostalgia factor you can consider NOKIA 6. Its solid build quality and stock Android experience won’t let you down. The assurance of a trusted brand adds to its appeal.

Buy NOKIA android phone here

Buy Redmi phone here

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