Remix Android OS, you can carry in your USB drive, full installation and review.

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Remix Android OS, you can carry in your USB drive, full installation and review. [CPS] Many Geos

Ever think of installing Android apps over desktop PC. Or just want to test random apps on Android OS keeping your smartphone safe.Remix os android, comes as a brilliant solution for Android fans and testers. Remix OS, as a standalone OS, completely utilizes hardware resources instead of creating a virtual environment over a parent OS. Remix OS brings full support to Android environment with future updates. Let’s you install new apps and provides friendly graphical experience equivalent to Windows OS. Remix OS, will always remain free forever and became possible due to Android-x86 open source project.

Free OTA updates on Remix OS Android PC

  • Get a USB pen-drive with size of 8 GB or more, USB 3.0 will be speedy and faster compared to older drives.
  • You can also install it on your partitioned HDD, be careful and take data backup before proceeding as it will completely wipe out your data.
  • Open downloaded folder, and run Tool to start installation of files to USB drive. Select your desired drive and proceed.


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  • Reboot your PC and boot through USB drive or external storage, you might need to configure same by pressing Esc key or F12 key depending on your PC model.
  • Wait for a moment to get it started, bootup might be slow or non-supportive if external usb drive is of slow speed.
  • In case, you need to use your USB drive again for normal data transfer, you need to delete all partitions and storage table, you can use Ubuntu OS for same, as it might be tricky to do it on Windows.

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