How to use ‘Opera VPN’ to access restricted websites

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How to use ‘Opera VPN’ to access restricted websites

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opera-vpnSecure, fast, reliable.

Accessing blocked websites in a restricted environment has never been easy, Opera known for its best mobile browser has now introduced another awesome app for creating virtual private network, Opera VPN. It easily connects user to internet through its encrypted secured network which redirects local web traffic.

Safety score, Unique network details.

You can check your security level with network scanner provided in app, It shows number of users, IP address and local interference of network administrator. A score auto generates to show your security level between A+ and F.

Safe Easy technique, Performance boost,  trusted by 350 million users.

It also boosts your performance while browsing web, SurfEasy technique shows reliability of 350 million users worldwide. Data is redirected through Opera VPN servers for ensuring smooth access over web.

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It’s free and unlimited to use, yet it offers several must-have options available in paid VPNs, such as:

  • Hide your IP address – Opera will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address, so it’s harder for sites to track your location and identify your computer. This means you can browse the web more privately.
  • Unblocking of firewalls and websites – Many schools and workplaces block video-streaming sites, social networks and other services. By using a VPN you can access your favorite content, no matter where you are.
  • Public Wi-Fi security – When you’re surfing the web on public Wi-Fi, intruders can easily sniff data. By using a VPN, you can improve the security of your personal information.


Know how to use Opera VPN app:

  1. Download online from store as per your platform, Google Play or App store, inbuilt integration in browser Windows or Mac.
  2. Open app on your smartphone, it has three tabs. Just click ‘Connect’.
  3. It will attempt to connect and will show a region where you are connected. You can also change same if you wish.
  4. Now, surf blocked sites easily, for better experience use Opera Mini.
  5. You can easily check your Wifi safety score, by choosing second Tab.
  6. Third tab provides, Guardian which block sites from tracking user behaviour.


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