Safe Mate Realtime GPS Tracker by MapmyIndia

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Safe Mate Realtime GPS Tracker by MapmyIndia

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Safety is biggest concern today. When its related to your loved ones, it becomes your high priority. You have heard of mobile tracking or app tracking which is not sufficient when you are in utmost need of real time location tracking.

Stand alone real-time GPS tracking devices can bring smile on your face and lessens your worries. Here we are detailing about Safte Mate GPS tracker by MapmyIndia.

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  • A standalone, highly accurate & sensitive GPS personal safety device
  • A simple plug & play device that could be used to see that your loved ones are safe and sound
  • Independent in its operation – The device does not require to be paired with a smart phone
  • Compact, rugged device with a large SOS button sending Panic Alerts over SMS & Email. Supports Multiple Email Ids/SMS Numbers
  • Location sharing on highly detailed maps with house numbers
  • Get location instantaneously by sending an SMS “FIND Person name” to 5616
  • On pressing SOS, sends SMS/Email to the configured contacts along with Location
  • Self-powered extremely durable and long lasting rechargeable lithium-Polymer battery lasting 3-4 days
  • It is a small portable, light weight device that can be inconspicuously put on a bag, clutch, pocket etc
  • All-in-all a device that takes care of your worries/concerns of family safety and lets you focus on the task at hand
Tech Specs
Dimensions 2.5″ height x 1.6″ width x 0.7″ thin
Weight 50g
Charging Voltage Micro USB,  5V 1A DC via MicroUSB
Backup Battery 1500mAh, 3.7v, Rechargeable Lithium-polymer
Work Time 3 to 4 days
Status LED 3 LED’s: Battery, GPS and GSM
Buttons 2 Buttons for SOS & Power
GPS High-sensitivity GPS
GSM GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz
SafeMate – A Smart Personal Safety Device for Women, Children & Families!
A revolutionary portable device to ensure the safety of your loved ones


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