How to install Ubuntu with Windows

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Ubuntu with Windows

How to install Ubuntu with Windows

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If you are thinking of trying Ubuntu over your existing PC but worrying about existing Windows OS. Leave all your worries, here we are explaining step by step how to install Ubuntu with Windows

Ubuntu OS is just not only open source and license-free OS, but it also free from most of the virus attacks and cyber-terrorism. The recent improvement in graphical interface and ease of installation attracted a lot of existing Microsoft Windows user to switch over Ubuntu OS. You can install various free apps available from the Software Center without thinking of payment. Ubuntu OS is fast, reliable and easy to understand. So, let’s move forward and give a try to it. You can also try Ubuntu without installing it but it won’t perform exactly what it is supposed to do. Read here how to try Ubuntu from CD or USB disk.

Ubuntu with Windows

Ubuntu with Windows

Things to keep in your mind before proceeding to install Ubuntu with Windows

  1. If possible take backup of your critical data, carelessly managing and creating free space might damage your data.
  2. Make sure you have at least or more than 5.5 GB of space on your harddisk to work comfortably over Ubuntu.
  3. Don’t connect over Wifi or LAN network while installing Ubuntu. It will take unnecessary time or might stuck. You can update Ubuntu OS later.
  4. If your hard disk doesn’t have any OS and you want to use Windows too, so kindly install Windows OS first. As installing Windows later will make Ubuntu unusable and you have to configure bootloader again.

Get ready with Ubuntu OS image

  1. Download 32/64 bit stable version of ISO image from
  2. Burn it to CD or USB drive. Learn how to burn image over USB pen drive.
  3. Make sure you haven’t missed any file while burning disk or USB pen drive.
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Install Ubuntu OS with your existing Windows 7/8/10

1. First of all, you have to create free space on your existing hard disk for comfortable installation or you can install into your existing Windows partition.

2. We suggest you, have a sperate unformatted space or partition on your disk to avoid any confusion while installation.

3. Insert your bootable USB disk into the computer and start boot from it.

4. You will be presented with Ubuntu welcome screen for further installation.

5. Select ‘Installation’ type as ‘Something Else’

6. Choose Size at least 20000 MB from ‘Unpartitioned space’ as a Primary space and use as  EXT4 journaling file system with mount point = /

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7.  Choose the remaining space from unpartitioned space and Type for the new partition = Primary, give location for the new partition as Beginning and Use as EXT4 journaling file system with mount point = /home

8. Click ‘Install Now’ and Apply changes to start the installation, if you get an alert for ‘Swap’ space just ignore it and press Continue button.

9. After finishing setup, a welcome screen will appear to select your default location, select as per your location.

10. On next screen, just give system name, username and password for your default account.

11. After completion of setup, it will ask you to Restart.

12. Now you will be welcome by two options either to choose from Windows or Ubuntu, just choose and you are ready to GO.


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ubuntu on usb disk

How to install or try Ubuntu linux OS through usb disk

If you are bored with Microsoft Windows and want to try some different flavour of OS, you can give a try to Ubuntu linux OS through usb disk, coming in different variants. Ubuntu is one of major OS which is available for desktops, laptops, and servers. One of the biggest advantages of Ubuntu OS is that you don’t need to pay any money for licensing fee, it’s completely free to use. Ubuntu is free from viruses and less vulnerable as compared to Windows. If you wish to give a try to Ubuntu OS, you can do same just by inserting Ubuntu Live CD or pen drive. Here are the steps involved.

1. First of all, you need to have ISO image of Ubuntu OS, just head on to Ubuntu website and download ubuntu iso image file from Make sure to verify size and content of downloaded ISO file. Correct size of image makes sure you don’t miss any file while writing pen drive.

2. Next step involves downloading ‘USB Universal installer‘. Install USB Universal Installer on your system. Now insert blank USB disk with at least 2 GB of space. Please note that this process erases all data on USB disk, so make sure to save everything before you proceed.

3. Open ‘USB Universal Installer’ and select ‘Ubuntu’ from the dropdown menu. Select your downloaded ubuntu iso image through Browse button. Than, select your USB disk from options. Be careful while selecting right drive letter and disk.

usb installer-getsetwebsite

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4. Click on create to start writing process which will copy ubuntu files to USB disk and make it bootable. wait for the process to complete.

5. Finally, boot your PC through USB disk, you might need to change boot sequence through BIOS as per computer environment.

6. Pick ‘Try Ubuntu without installing’ to proceed without performing an installation.

ubuntu on usb disk

ubuntu on usb disk


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