Google Hire, Recruitment made easy

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Google Hire

Google Hire, Recruitment made easy

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Google Hire

Google Hire

Recruitment has never been an easy task to any organisation. Searching from scratch till joining of a candidate can be tedious. Still, employers are highly dependable over major job portals for hiring employees. Google has now introduced hiring tool known as Google Hire. It simplifies the whole process and resolves the problem of hiring employees. Companies with limited budget struggle hard to select the right candidate for them.

With complete integration with G Suite, Google Hire syncs and utilises Gmail and Calendar for generating alerts. Recruiters can directly connect with candidates and schedule their interviews. Google Hire not only identifies talent easily but also develop strong relationships and fluidly handles the process of hiring.

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Custom hiring allows one to create unique hiring stages that match the need of open positions like one for coding tests for developers to presentation to sales field candidates. A unique process can be defined for each position. Created positions will be optimised and could be automatically posted to major job platforms. Google Hire automatically searches and provide social links and background of the candidate. Selected profiles can be easily grouped and shared to higher managers smoothly. Interviews schedule is done with ease just by drag and drop according to your time frame. It automatically syncs with calendar and generate invitations. Providing feedback is rendered with profile and resume of the candidate. Data migration is smoothly carried to Google Hire. Previously filtered or selected candidates are also taken care of as it displays when was the last time candidate applied to positions. Emails templates help you to avoid writing same content again and again or doing copy paste without worrying about errors.

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Google hire automatically includes important details in the calendar, interview schedule, interview questions and so on. Employers can generate reports and analyse them with Google sheets. Right now, US based companies having employees under 1,000 can utilise Google Hire. The ease of filtering right candidate with less effort is the aim of new recruitment tool by Google. 

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